Announcing Baardskeerder

We’re happy to announce the public availability of Baardskeerder, our implementation of a Copy-On-Write (append-only) B-tree-ish embedded database, after approval by our CEO. The source is available on GitHub as part of the Incubaid organization at, under the LGPL-3 license.

This is a technology preview. Baardskeerder is still under heavy development, and breaking changes will occur before a first stable release is made.

After experiencing performance issues when storing “large” (> 8kb) values in TokyoCabinet, the storage back-end used by our distributed key-value store Arakoon, the Baardskeerder project was initiated. Work has been started to integrate Baardskeerder in Arakoon as well.

If you’re interested in the name of the project, take a look at Wikipedia.


One Comment on “Announcing Baardskeerder”

  1. Peter says:

    Nice work guys!

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