Guest lecture: “Real-World Functional Programming @ Incubaid”

The Incubaid Research team was invited by prof. dr. ir. Tom Schrijvers (University of Gent, UGent) to give a guest lecture about the industrial relevance of Functional Programming (FP), as part of his master course on “Functional and Logic Programming Languages” (which covers Haskell and Prolog).

The talk covered what we’re doing at Incubaid, why we are using FP (including advantages and disadvantages), as well as a short introduction to OCaml and a comparison to Haskell, taking the prior knowledge of the audience into account.

These are the slides used during the lecture [PDF]:


One Comment on “Guest lecture: “Real-World Functional Programming @ Incubaid””

  1. Witie says:

    I would offer that the Thrift community is lincakg an official site where a newcomer (to Thrift) can download a running Thrift compiler for their system. I very much want to try Thrift. I’ve been looking for a ready-to-run binary of the compiler and C# generators (on Windows/XP) but cannot find them anywhere. The make’ scripts (as documented) are pretty useless in the Windows world.I dare say that the barrier to entry is having to build the compiler on one’s own machine before anything else can be done. I bet most people give up and go elsewhere.-David

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